Customer Services

We believe in building everlasting relationship that cross over generations. Raja jewelers has always been known for maintaining very responsible & friendly customer service. Thus we achieved a clientele from generation to generation & they always recommend us because we built a strong foundation of trust over years by rendering superior service. We achieve this through a combination of innovative designs, intelligent software and exceptional customer service

True luxury comes with confidence. The sales staff at Raja Jewellers are well trained and highly skilled in understanding customers’ requirements and provide them the products that meet their satisfaction. They ensure that each and every customer has a wonderful experience every time they choose Raja Jewellers.

The Talented designers in Raja Jewellers are well qualified and have full potential of designing the jewelries that meet the consumers’ needs and the budget without compromise. While the customer is seated, our designers may sketch on their natural flair and creative imagination & develop along with customer’s feedback & suggestions. The jewelries with balanced and proportional designs are ensure of a timeless elegance that will not date.

Throughout the years with experience, Raja Jewellers has mastered in creating high class bridal jewellery with unique designs that makes brides look glamourous & thus makes your special occasion a memorable one.

Gems and Jewelry sold at Raja Jewellers are certified as genuine gold and is accompanied with a lifetime guarantee card. Our products are assayed and hallmarked as genuine gold by the National Gem & Jewellery Authority of Sri Lanka. And recognized as an ISO 9001-2008 certified organization by Sri Lanka Standards Institute.

Cutting edge installations such as Security Burglar Alarms and CCTV Camera System are being used to protect properties of both Raja Jewellers and the customers. Another value that the customer values is our repair section that is bound to serve the customer the best for very nominal sum. If there is any situation that the fault is due to an issue with Raja Jewellers, we are bound to repair them free of charge.

The range of metals used for making jewellery varies such as gold, white gold and Platinum. Raja Jewellers has best diamonds (VVS1) of colour grade between ‘D’ to ‘G’ used for settings. Upon the request of the customers, the other grades are also available to use. To assure the quality standards of Raja Jewellers, each and every stone sold is supported by a certificate for quality and Diamonds over 50 points are supported by the G.I.A. Certificate. Once a customer trades in Old Jewellery, It is purchased for the market value on that day and thereby we assure the best value to satisfy the customer.

By joining in hand with prestigious banks such as HSBC, AMEX, Commercial, HNB, Standard Charted and Sampath Bank we allow the customer to engage with 0% interest free schemes. Thus the customer consider this as a very convenient service since it is worth to invest in gold.

You are most welcome to visit our Show Rooms which are ensured with a very relaxed, peaceful and homely atmosphere and well experience staff that provides you with incomparable customer service.