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About Us

Raja Jewellers, over the span of several decades, has become one of the most accomplished entities in the jewellery industry of Sri Lanka. Our immaculately handcrafted works are renowned locally and across the world, while the comprehensive range of jewellery available at our stores caters to men, women, and children.

We provide a variety of bespoke services for customers who desire exquisite adornments for their special day or to commemorate extraordinary achievements.

Utilising the finest gemstones, zircons, and refined gold we forge timeless works of personal decoration. Throughout the company’s existence, Raja Jewellers has established lasting relationships with customers through foundations built on trust, excellence in service, and providing unique handcrafted pieces of jewellery.

Through the convergence of superior craftsmanship, dedication to using the finest materials, and devotion to our customers, Raja Jewellers became the Monarch of the Gold World.